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Served with rice and soup

Lamb Tikka Masala

Lamb tikka cooked in a chef’s special tomato cream sauce


Lamb Bhuna

Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions cooked with ground spices in a thick curry sauce


Lamb Curry

Traditional brown curry prepared with ground spices and herbs

Lamb Achar

Medium spicy dish cooked with Indian pickles, onions, tomatoes and herbs

Lamb Vindaloo

Very spicy dish with potatoes and touch of lemon juice

Lamb Madras

Medium spicy dish with tomatoes, ground spices and herbs

Lamb Sag

Fresh chopped spinach, tomatoes, spices and herbs

Lamb Dopiaza

Classic Indian dish prepared with spices, onions, bell peppers, and fenugreek

Lamb Korma

Prepared with garlic and ginger in a thick cream sauce

Lamb Pasanda

Creamy cilantro yogurt sauce with spices and herbs

Lamb Coconut Curry

Rich and creamy, with coconut milk and ground spices

Lamb Rogan Josh

Topped with sautéed onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, spices and herbs

Lamb Mushroom Curry

Cooked with sautéed mushrooms, ground spices and herbs